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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magnolia Beauty

Sunday evening I realized that I did not take one picture of our family or of the Easter table. I did get this one picture of the roasts... only because Liz reminded me to. That is so sad! I need to relax on holidays and at dinners and remember to take pictures and enjoy the moment! And if I would have had someone else start taking family pictures that would work, too! I just don't like for my family to have to wait too long before the meal is on the table... but a few minutes wouldn't kill them!
The cheesy pork roast was absolutely fabulous! It has a cream sauce that goes with it and makes it fantabulous!
Today's Daybook...

This is the view from my living room window. This year we have more blooms on our Magnolia tree than we have ever had.
It is beautiful.

Today I am thinking about the menu for the next two weeks. Why is it so hard to come up with two weeks worth of menus?

I am thankful for the visual pleasures the Lord gives us.
Fresh, bright, vibrant spring colors to help us stretch out of our winter hibernation.

In our learning rooms we have moved from winter boredom to spring daydreaming.
The transition was smooth. Home Educating one has its trials.

In the crafting room I am gathering ideas for my next round of card making.
Thinking I will use some of these pictures that have been cropped just so!
From the kitchen I am looking forward to Sunday night's SNAC (Snack Night After Church) when I will be taking Yummy No Bake Bars and chicken salad on croissants. We have been wanting the Yummy Bars but I didn't dare make them without someplace to take them! I keep having mixed thoughts... "I hope everyone eats them all!" ... "I hope we have leftovers!"

I am wearing work out pants and a multi-colored topped. Comfort is the cry of the day!

I am going to help a friend with wedding ceremony decorating on Thursday. I am looking forward to that!
Maybe next week I will have pictures... depends on if the Bride puts pics out first... Not gonna steal her joy!

I am reading a lame, lame, lame mystery that I got from the Dollar Store.
Ready to go to the library or the church's library!

I am hoping that I will get to see Rob and his family before too much longer!
We are praying for hail here in central Indiana.
I know that sounds terrible, but that is how we will see Rob this summer.
He travels all over the country and if he could spend work time here that would make us very happy!
Some of my favorite things are dishes. I just dishes... they make me smile!

Today's quote:
"Any child can tell you the sole purpose of a middle name
is so he can tell when he's really in trouble."
Dennis Frakes