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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the lazy days of summer

Yeah, right. Remember when summer time was a time to slow down? I find myself looking forward to school starting and the schedule that comes with it. And then in the spring, true to my nature I look forward to the change in schedule that summer brings. But lazy summer days?

This summer is especially busy with our college reunion coming up next week. What on earth was I thinking when I agreed to be the secretary for the reunion committee? It is so exciting getting things ready for friends to come together for a weekend to get reacquainted and caught up. When I was around 5-6 years old, my aunt and uncle opened their home to some of the first students of the college. Then my cousin went to the college in the mid to late '70's and Larry and I were there in '83-'84. So, I know lots of people from several of the college years. And it helps that it was our church denomination's college. That makes it a smaller world.

Some of my summer highlights so far are:

1. A trip to Oklahoma City to watch our grand-daughter be dedicated to the Lord.

2. A trip to Amarillo, TX to see my Mom and sister

3. Starting back to work at the library, but this time in the library not the cafe.

4. Celebrating my baby's 16th birthday.

Coming up:

1. CFC Reunion

2. Annual Burress-Fye Labor Day Weekend- 10 year anniversary!

3. Our Baby Girl's 21st birthday bash

We are planning to homeschool Ryan again this year. We did for 5 years and then he has been at a Christian school for 2 years. The curriculum we used when we homeschooled works better for him. He made excellent grades with the curriculum the school used, but it just didn't work for him. It will be different with me working, but he may get a job also, or he will work some with Larry.

Well, I finally got another post in, brief and though it be. I am going to try and insert some pictures in here.

*** Okay, i thought I would pu the pictures at the end... for some reason they are at the beginning of the blog. No time to figure things out now, but at least they are on here

I will leave with this thought,

"God decides what we go through. We decide how we go through it."