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Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Madness

The last three weeks have been busy and we don't have all the end of school activities that a lot of you do! I don't know where we would have put them! We've had lots of company and family in. On the 17th we had a birthday dinner for our friend Becky. I will hopefully be posting the tablescape for it on Thursday. That night we hosted the Christian Couples Connection here with a Mexican Food theme. We had a great time and had, I think, 19 here. On Thursday the 21st I had a Tupperware party. It had been years since most of us at the party had been to one. That Saturday we got to keep Trenton and Chloe and that evening Rob called. He said they were trying to see what they were going to have for dinner the next day. Thinking they were calling for a recipe or something I asked if had a kitchenette there in Atlanta. He then told me they planned to eat with us!! Of course, I was thrilled!! On Memorial Day we got together with Rob's "other family," the Budensiek's. Then the week had other family members coming over to visit and we ended the week with a trip to the zoo and BouncerTown! Rob and Kristi left this morning. Tonight Larry and I are keeping two little guys for our friends the Stewart's. Then tomorrow.... are you ready for this.... Rob and Kristi will be here in time for dinner again! The storms this evening gave some hail that may give Danny and Rob some work here! Since they weren't in OK yet they decided to come back this way. Doesn't hurt my feelings any! Well, I will get on with the pictures! I told my sister-in-law last week that I would post some of the kids. I hope to post more next week!

This is Little Miss Chloe! She is a cutie! She is the only Fye grand-daughter that has dark hair... She wanted to stand out in all those blondes!

Master Trenton Dale. He is such a good little guy!

Chloe is a good baby, too! We had them several hours and she refused to take a bottle, but she hardly fussed at all.

Makenzi with her Uncle Ryan. She was a little shy when they first got here, but she warmed up to us pretty quick!
This was on Memorial Day. We had bbq chicken, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, veggies and dip, corn on the cob, green beans, strawberry cake and no bake cookies.

Part of the crew... left to right.. Vern, Rachel, Wesley, Larry, Michael (hidden) and Jon.

The cooks! Kathy and Me!

Michael, Rob and Ryan YouTubing!

An exciting game with the Shap-O toy!

This was on the 28th. Liz and the kids, my cousin Paula and her kids and my cousin Brenda came over for a while and we had a nice visit... Kenzi loved having all the kids around.

Trenton loved all the kids, too!

Kenzi loves babies!

Well, I think that is all the pictures I will do right now! This week looks busy, too, but maybe I can get my postings done this week! Things have been busy, but I love having company and I certainly love having my family here! So, it has been a good month! Sorry if this sounded rushed, but it was! Thanks for stopping by!

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