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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Life Today...

As I look out the patio doors I see a yard that needs to be mowed and patio chairs that need to be painted, but beyond that I see the sun shining and that a gentle breeze is blowing. It looks like a lovely day in central Indiana!!

Homeschooling is still part of our everyday life here... He got a late start last year and we have had lots of "breaks." That is a perk of homeschooling, but when you're in the middle of summer and still doing school work it doesn't seem so much like a perk! But really he spent most of June at youth camps so that is the way it goes! He hasn't complained! This week will see the end of another subject so we are drawing it to a close!

I am thankful for the time we got to spend with Kristi and Makenzi last week. Makenzi is at such a fun age! She is such a Mommy's girl, but she did let me comfort her after a boo-boo and she let me take a nap with her. I treasure those little moments.

As far as feeding the Fye's today, we will have mini pizzas for lunch and something made with chicken tonight.

I am reading "The Body on the Beach" by Simon Brett. I am a mystery buff and this one is set in England. It is fun to try and decide what exactly they are talking about sometimes!! That is what I read before I go to bed... another book I am reading is "Rise Above" by Gwen Shamblin. It is a Biblical weight loss program. I did it several years ago with great results and decided to revisit it. The main idea is that God designed our bodies to tell us when we are needing food (our tummy growls!) and that we should only eat when we are hungry and stop when we are satisfied.

I am amazed at what the weekend does to a house! So, today I will be setting the house back to order and work on my to-do list which involves laundry and wedding flowers! I am getting a late start today so I better get going!

My camera is broken (broke-broken?) and so I had to use Ryan's while Kenzi was here. I hope to get those downloaded soon and then I will share some of her visit! A blog post just isn't right without a picture, so I will share this one with you.

I love my family!

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Ronda said...

How fun to hear what is happening in your life...Glad that you were able to spend special time with your grandbaby! I am sure that it very difficult to see her leave. I love the family pic of ya'll...You all look great! :)
Have a blessed day!