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Monday, December 21, 2009

This and That

Larry informed me last night that I have several typos in my posts. He was appalled. He couldn't believe I could do such a thing! He even said I used some bad language in my typos... I haven't checked to see what that is, but it is kinda funny.

Do you all have family colors? The other day Rachel and I were talking about my party/wedding planning business and I mentioned that I need to decide on a color scheme. I mentioned that I really like dark red, black and then I like the bling.... much like Natalie's wedding (but a darker red than she had). Rachel said, "Well, those are our family colors... " A lot of what we do and have is in red and black. Larry's business colors were red and black, my kitchen, we wear a lot of black and red. I have red in almost every room in my house. Larry "got" me the picture frame in the picture. It is the direction I want to go in the living room which is open to the kitchen, and again, more red and black, but I also have browns involved, too. (The living room has been birdhouses and a casual cottage feel.) Maybe I should branch out to some other color.... but then would it be "me"? (By the way, my business name is "A Mari Celebration." ) Does your family have colors that it seems to migrate to? Colors that just catch your eye when thinking about your family? Robby's bedroom before he got married was deep red and black lacquer, but now their home is mostly browns and creams.
This is another funny thing... I found it funny... I hope you won't find it offensive... We went to Buca di Peppo for Natalie and Kurt's rehearsal dinner. Now that I think about it there were two things... They brought out calamari (the boys were eating it up until Rob got a whole "baby" one and Ry stopped practically mid-bite, he didn't know what he was eating... but he decided he liked it more than he was put off by that site and he kept on eating!) and they had salad and bread for appetizers. For the main entrees they served lasagna, chicken parmesan (really good!), and manicotti. For dessert they had a delicious cheesecake and then brought out tiramisu. I said, "Oh, that has coffee stuff, I don't like that.." Rob said, "It also has rum!" So, to be funny, I said, "Oh, well, I 'll try it then!!" It was pretty funny. I think they thought I was serious. I did try it, but I wasn't just wanting the rum!! We decided that it is ok to have it if it is in your food! Not really. It tasted horrible! And then a couple of days later I was telling Rachel about the restaurant and I said, "Rachel! There were pictures and statues of naked men ALL over the place!!" Rachel- "Mom. Did you not see the women, too? There are pictures and statues of women all over the place, too." Nope. Didn't. See. One. Woman. I know. I am horrible. Your opinion of me just changed drastically, didn't it? I am horrible, but I just thought that was kinda funny. At the time it was kinda embarrassing! I tried not to look around too much!
This week isn't so busy for us. Tonight is the Jewett's Open House and then we are having the Busensiek's over for Christmas Eve dinner. I am doing the turkey and all the starches (stuffing, dressing, noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls... all homemade), and eggs and some kind of dessert. She is doing all the healthy stuff... veggies and salad and she is doing a dessert, also. We love getting together with the Budensiek's. It's always a party!! I am sure I will have some pictures later in the week! We will have stockings for the kids to open and a big brunch on Christmas Day and Turkey Tortilla Soup for supper. Pretty low key. We are enjoying it!
Just thought I'd share those few random thoughts with you! Merry Christmas!!


CarmineDPaynter said...
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Liz Fye said...

wow, I wonder what that chinese post says! lol enjoyed your blog! I have never been to that restaurant, but I love tiramisu! you can make it without rum, its delish! and the part about the naked people cracked me up! ;)