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Friday, April 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions

A few months ago a friend suggested I start a blog. I told her I was too busy and just didn't have time for that. That was true then. I was working at the library and even though it was a part time job I couldn't have squeezed in another thing. Since then I have given up my job. Life is still busy, but I have had so much fun reading the blogs of my friends and their friends that I decided to join in on the fun. My Rachel says I will never last.... but I'll show her!

I would have started one a few weeks ago, but there are just so many things to consider! Do I have the time? Do I have anything to say? Larry is the talker of the family. If he had a blog you'd know every step of his day and every bite he took. Me? I am more of a "Yeah, I had a good day and lunch was really good." And then the hardest decision was that I had to name the silly thing! I ran several names past Rachel and settled on "the Fye Files." I am known for making lists and I like things to have a home and be "filed" away. I have several files for crazy things like seasonal decorating (actual pictures from our house), emails with some friends (so I don't repeat myself), and of course, a Grandma file (fun things to do with my grandbabies). So, I thought that was it. Then the other day I was looking through a magazine and saw a sign that read, "Simplify." It clicked. That's us. Simply the Fye's. Not real fancy. Just us. I used to tease Larry that his hobby is working. Mine is taking care of my family. So, you see, we are just the normal busy family that loves the Lord and loves each other. So, here I am ready to share little peeks into our world. I hope you will check in with us again!

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simplier." -Albert Einstein

Have a Great Day!

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