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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I showed her!

Ok, so Rachel may know me better than I know myself where computer time is concerned. I did try to post 2 other times, but I had trouble with the keyboard. I was seriously wondering if I should even be doing it! One other time I was on Bebo and I had written this long blog and Larry and Rob came home from work and had to check their stocks and instead of checking on my screen name they switched to Larry's... so, you see I have had several attempts to blog go wrong one way or the other! And I have been busy! Last week was testing at Ryan's school and so I helped out with that, we were in revival and I shopped for a new refrigerator. I don't like to shop, but I do like to get new "toys!"

My new toy arrived yesterday. Our old refrigerator is older than Rob! We bought it and a stove when we moved into our first house and although we have been on the second stove for a few years the refrigerator is still running strong, we just needed more room. We have needed one for a few years, but the kids were in college and then Rob got married and so finally we were able to get it. They cost a little more than they did 23 years ago! And then if you know Larry you know he had a list of things that it had to have. That is one thing I appreciate about my husband. When he buys something he buys quality. Right now I have 2 refrigerators in my kitchen. I moved a free standing cabinet and put the old one in its place. We already have 2 freezers in the basement (beef and deer) and there really isn't anywhere except the laundry room to put the old fridge so that it won't be on the same circuit. And I don't really think I want it in the laundry room, but I know I will like having the second one available, especially during the holidays! Oh, well, we'll see!

I haven't had time to figure out how to get all of the banners and such on the blog page. But one thing I enjoy reading on others blogs is the Monday Menu Planning. Usually my menus start on Thursday. The ads come out on Wednesday and so I make my menu and my grocery list. I have a list that is on my computer that goes according to the aisles of my grocery store. (I would rather go back home and get my list than try to shop without one!) Anyway, I am always interested in what other people are cooking. I know it is not Monday or Thursday, but here's our menu for this week:

Tuesday- balsamic bbq chicken, baked potatoes, baked beans and salad
Wednesday- chili
Thursday- pulled pork & slaw sandwiches and curly fries
Friday- chicken parmesean, green beans and salad
Saturday- "second blessings"
Sunday- ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, broccoli, devilled eggs, cheese chunks and rolls
Sunday after church- pizza burgers, veggies and dip, sugar cookies
Monday- sirloin steak, roasted red potatoes and salad
Tuesday- roast chicken, fettucine, broccoli
Wednesday- church dinner

On Wednesday nights our church serves dinner at 6pm to make it easier for people to get to church. We have very dedicated ladies that prepare a meal every week! We haven't been going because our schedules are crazy, but we are going to try to start going. We will be going more to get to better know the people we worship with, but having someone else fix dinner for me sounds pretty good, too!

I need to get going for now. This has been fun and I hope to meet you all back here in a day or two!

Talk to you later! Mari

"The best way to get on your feet is to get on your knees." -unknown

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Julie Waggoner said...

Ok--you commented on my blog so I went to yours. Did you say GRANDBABIES?????????? My word!!! How time does fly!!!!!! Where are you guys and what are you doing these days? I'm still as young as ever--hehe
Julie W