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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

My friend Becky had a birthday in May. (I won't tell how many candles were on her cake!!) We have a wonderful gift that we keep giving each other for our birthdays.... a meal that we cannot lift a finger for! Some years I take the meal to her house and have it there when she gets home from work, and other years, like this one, she and her son Kirk come over for Sunday dinner. The menu this year was hamloaf, sweet potatoes with pineapple, corn casserole, broccoli with cheese, eggs, rolls and strawbery cake for dessert.

May of you will recognize the dishes. I saw these at the Dollar Tree and I agonized over them for weeks. I just love that store for their dishes!! Becky looks good in blue, so I thought it was a good choice for the main color for the table.

The silverware is my good set... I only have two. Actually, I forgot I do have 4 sets! I bought 275 place settings when we did our son's wedding reception here in Indiana. I got a great deal at Old Time Pottery on Pfaltzgraff.... I will have to get those out and use them soon. This set is Onieda.. not sure of the pattern name. Whenever we eat at this table I always use the individual salt and pepper shakers. Almost without fail my crazy husband will ask for the salt to be passed. He loves to see everyone reach for it and then it dawns on them. Never a dull moment with him around!

As I said, I agonized over the black and white dishes for weeks, saw them on TT, wanted them realllly bad, and then when my sweet daughter Rachel got me this black vase for Mother's Day that just sealed the deal! I went back to DT and planned to get enough for a seating of 8, but they only had 6 good bowls so I bought what I could and planned to go to another DT.... did that last week and lo, and behold! they had another set of dishes to drool over!! So, I am seeing aqua plates in my future!

These black plates are from Meijer. I tried to get a pictue of the leaf design on them , but it didn't work out. The stoneware plates were the same price as the plastic ones so I went with the stoneware. Since the black and white dishes were from DT, I am sure you won't be surprised to hear that the 8 black salad plates cost more than the 8 plates, 6 bowls and the 6 candles that are table. But I am happy with the way the table turned out!

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Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

That looks so pretty! It's amazing what neat dishes Dollar Tree has. Can't wait to see the aqua ones when you get them!

Lyle loves pepper. He puts it on just about everything, so he would really go for the individual salt-and-pepper shakers... as long as the pepper shaker has big holes! He's been known to take the lid off to "help" the flow.

Chandy said...

Wow, lovely plates! Our DT don't have those cuz if they did, I would have already brought some home ASAP! Pretty table!

Mary said...

I love the black and white with that deep blue -- so beautiful!

Kammy said...

Very pretty and I can't believe you found those dishes at the dollar store ! That tablecloth is so rich !
Great job !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Linda/"Mom" said...

* How pretty, and what a sweet friend you are!
Linda *

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a wonderful tablescape and what a great friend you are -- I'm sure that you are one of your friends best birthday blessings!

Ronda said...

What a great idea for giving birthday "dinners" special(the menu sounded yummy, too). Your "tablescape" looks just beautiful! LOVE the dishes! Great job...Can't wait to see the next one! :)