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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fye Family Time

Quick Weekend with Family

Much of the time spent together with the Fye family is spent around the table. Now I would like to say that it is not because we are eating all of the time, but really even when we are playing games there is always something good to snack on close by! I will say that this year we did cut down on the sweets a bit! There were only 4 pies, 1 batch of fudge and 1 bundt pan of pumpkin bread. We all have have pretty healthy sweet tooth so this was a big deal!!

Not everyone was able to make it for the weekend. Randy and Steven were missing from Deb's family and Rob, Kristi and Makenzi were missing from our crew. And really it seemed Milton was missing, too, even though we stayed at his house! He had to work all weekend and so when he was there he was pretty zonked.

This is Trenton Dale, Jerry and Liz's boy. He's such a good little guy.

Of course, these are my babies... if you could see all of the pictures taken you could tell she was the one taking them since she is in most of them!!

We had Mother/Daughter outfits for this day... no, not really. We never did have matching outfits. And somehow I just don't think she'd go for that now!

Some families all look alike. You can see someone out and say, "Ah, there goes a Jones!" But Larry's family doesn't really look alike... except in this picture! You can tell they are related here... same tight-lipped smile!! My kids don't look alike either. Occasionally in a picture I might think Ryan is Robby if it is a distance away, but then I realize he is much bigger than Rob is!

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of them without one of them talking??? Yeah, we have no problem with Jerry... the main problem children this time were Larry and Debbie!! Larry kept making his usual faces and Deb couldn't stop talking! On Ann's camera there is one of Deb with her mouth open wide, laughing! Wish I had it... funtimes!
So, Mom had to get in there and straighten them all out! Those of you that know Ann, know how funny that is! Yeah, there were lots of shots of this one, too. In this picture is Jerry, Ann, Donna, Debbie and then Larry in the chair.

Three of the five grand-daughters... Kara (Donna and Milton's), Rachel (ours)and Chloe (Jerry and Liz's).

Miss Anna (Donna and Milton's) with Ryan and Rachel. It had been a year (I know that is awful!!) since we had seen Donna and Milton and their family. I noticed the biggest change in Anna. She has grown so much and is becoming a lovely young lady!

Ryan and Miss Chloe. He is so good with babies and children. He will make a wonderful Daddy some day!

One of the many things we look forward to when we are with Grandma is her noodles. She makes wonderful noodles! Since we weren't getting together for "Thanksgiving" dinner we were a bit disappointed in thinking we wouldn't get some of her specialties! But we were happy to see that noodles made the weekend's menu!

It was such a qucik trip, we didn't really do anything, but some made their way to the cave that is on Donna and Milton's property. They got a little dirty! The little kitty cat even went with them! That's Crystal holding kitty, Liz and Curtis (Donna's oldest). Jerry and Trenton went to the cave, but didn't go in very far. Just far enough for Trenton to be satisfied that he went in.
Crystal, Debbie's oldest, here with Jerry. Debbie and Crystal drove 12.5 hours to be with the family for the weekend! It had been a few years since they have been able to come so we were happy to see them, just wish it could have been for longer!!

Curtis and Ryan playing Risk, it looks like. Family favorites are Stratego, Risk, Castle Risk and Stock Market. (Wow! I was writing the next paragragh and noticed Curtis' left elbow and thought it looked like it is scarred froma burn... then noticed Ry's arm and realized it is from the light hitting the plastic table covering that Grandma has on the table... just thougth I'd tell you in case you noticed it and wondered about it!)
Donna is working on her Master's Degree in Elementary Education, I believe... don't quote me on that... anyway she is taking classes and she needed to work on a project and it just so happened that I knew something about what she was doing so we were looking at her assignment and I realized I could use what she was having to do. She had to set up a Delicious account and have 50 bookmarks and 5 people on her network. Well, I just love Delicious! It is a site that organizes all your favorites and you can share them through this networking site. And you can mark some private for ones you don't want to share. Like your dashboard, your broker, your bank, etc. And it is easy to add to it. Just link the page to your site. I love things that keep me organized! Maybe there was a way to do it before and I just wasn't aware of it. But I do like this! You ought to check it out. It is fairly easy to understand... you know what they say, if I can do it, you can do it! Since then I have seen one other person that put her Delicious bookmarks available on her blog. I am sure it is something that is going to catch on quick or maybe I will just notice it now that I know what it is! Have you seen it before?
I'll leave with this thought... Families are like fudge. Sweet, but with a few nuts!


Ronda said...

I like that last comment...funny, but true! :) Looks like great memories were made with the family! I think that good food makes "family times" that much more fun.

Mindy said...

You have a blog!?!?!? Cool!!!:)