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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Well, for some reason the pictures were put on here in reverse order!! But there are so many I have decided that it'll just have to do. If there is anything I am, it is flexible!! (family joke!)

This first picture is of the new me! Larry introduced me to someone we've known for years as his new girlfriend~ I had put up with a very bad perm for 18 months and kept trimming it thinking it would get better, but I realized I just needed to bit the bullet and get all the fried hair cut off!
This is a before picture... that is after for some reason. And this is what my hair looked like when it was at one of its better times... see, it really needed help! Now my hair on a bad day looks better than it did on a good day! This was over a month ago and it has grown out a bit already.

My Mom and brother, Steve came from Texas over the week before Labor Day weekend. We went on our annual Burress-Fye labor Day weekend get-away so didn't get to see a whole lot of them. Rob and Kristi were here for the weekend so they got to see them, also.

These are my cousins. Karen is Aunt Barbara's daughter and Brenda is Aunt Harriett's. We all look like our Daddy's!!
It was great to see Steve. I didn't get to see him when I was in Texas in June. I hadn't seen him since Mom's heart attack in January 2007. Steve is an amazing person. He is so talented in many areas and such an enjoyable person to talk with. Hopefully when he comes back next year we will be able to spend more time together!

I love this picture of Aunt Barbara and Mom. Mom will shoot me for putting this on here, but that's ok, she's shot me before!! Their time together was filled with "remember when's." A favorite was when my Mom tried to sneek in the back after getting home late from a date and Aunt Barbara wouldn't let her in because Grandma and Grandpa were downstairs waiting for her. I guess Mom had a problem obeying rules... if curfew was at 11pm she'd have her date drive around the block a couple of times because she refused to go in on time! Hmmm... guess that is where someone in my family got her reluctance to obey curfews!

This was our 11th annual steak dinner for the Burress-Fye "Camping" weekend... obviously we have moved on from camping. Rachel says it is now "cabining!" The larger the families grow the more money it costs! We were tossing around the idea of going back to tents next year, but we were going over the percentage of times it rained and now we are thinking of tossing it out! If we had choices of weekends to go that would be different, but when this weekend is the only option for a long weekend I don't know if we want to chance it.

The fire pit had to be cleaned out so that Larry could cook the steaks for dinner. Makenzi was such a good little helper!!

Isn't this too cute?? Uncle Ryan having tea with Kenzi. This was the cutest little playhouse. It has 3 sides that are hindged together so it can be folded to be put away. I took lots of pictures of how it was put together.. I may tackle that project someday!

Kenzi couldn't wait till dinner to have corn on the cob! We had them sitting out on the deck in their husks and she just grabbed one, started shucking and got it all cleaned off and started eating! Is she a doll?

Rachel and Ryan love the time with Makenzi. Bo and Lucky even made this picture. We hadn't seen Lucky for a while. They got along pretty good. Lucky is older and has calmed down which suits Bo just fine! My Mom always comments about how Rob always makes funny faces for pictures. It was such a quick trip for them to come for just the weekend, but I am so glad they did. I love having my family all together under one roof.

This was at the State Fair. We actually went twice this year. Once with our friends the Budensieks (if you know them, you know we had a good time!) and then we went back for more chicken and ice cream!! Actually, I love going through all of the 4-H exhibits and so we did that on our second trip, too.

This is out of order, but a good one to end on! She must have been eating cheese curls... see her orange fingers and lips? She is a good "mixture' of her Mommy and Daddy, but my, she does look like her Daddy in this picture! I think it must be that ornery gleam in her eye!! ('Tween you and me... she got a double dose of that!!)


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Awww... Makenzi's a doll-baby for sure!

I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Mine always post in reverse order, too. I can't figure out why. So I've just learned to list them in the opposite order I want them to appear, and that usually works.

Ronda said...

Hey, Mari...You gorgeous woman, you! :) Enjoyed all the pics...lots of "fun times"!