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Monday, April 25, 2011

It was such a pretty table....

Rachel picked out the inspiration for our Easter table from the newest Celebrate! magazine.

It is more of a casual table for us, but so pretty!

The gold nests were made from a glittered netting ribbon that I crimped and turned into little nests.

The eggs are just decorative eggs that I got from FF. As I was placing them in the nests I remembered that they make eggs that look like that and are edible!!!! Where was my head!!
I wanted to use purple napkins, but couldn't find any. These are from Target.
I used the white dishes that was a gift from my Mother-in-law, my brushed silverware set, and the napkin rings are the ones from the clearance rack of BBB.
They are silver-plated and are tarnishing... I kinda like that look.

I usually use stemware for dinners, but to keep it more on the casual side

I used the swirl tumblers that I got for Christmas.

For the centerpiece I used the large brandy sniffer that Rachel got me for Christmas. I have to admit that I have never been crazy about those glass pieces, but I think it is perfect for this arrangement!

This is one of my favorite tablecloths. It is reversable. The top side for this table is more gold and french country looking. The other side is more formal looking with the satiny cream side with the gold scrolls and border.

Our Easter pictures before church turned out blurry. We invited Brandon's parents and sister for Easter Dinner. They don't have set yearly plans and neither do we so we wanted to celebrate with our new family members! I thought we would take some pictures when they were here, but our plans kinda changed. As you saw, the table was set, the food in the oven and as they choir was singing my Larry got a coughing spell. It lasted a bit and then at one point when it was in full force he got a sudden severe headache and felt something 'pop' in his forhead. The pain was so intense and he thought it would go away quickly, but it didn't so when the choir selections ended he made his way off the platform. I was already on my way out and met him in the hall as he staggered out. Dear friend Sara, a retired nurse, came out also and she took care of him as I got the car and Rachel and I decided which hospital to take him to. Sara rode with us to the hospital in case his sitaution took a turn for the worse... thankfully it did not. His blood pressure was 178/124 when his vitals were taken. They ordered a CTscan, ekg, chest xray and a lumbar puncture. All tests came back negative,except he does have a sinus infection. For that we are soo thankful. They gave him 2 doses of morphine while in the ER and so when we got home he went to bed. Today we had the follow-up appt. with his doctor. He is now on 2 bp meds and some other meds. He still has a headache and has been in bed most of today.

We have discovered that some otc meds he was taking for the chest congestion he has been having probably caused his bp to go up. So we will read labels from now on!!

We feel so blessed that this chapter in the story of our lives had this outcome. It could have been so different. We are looking at it as a wake-up call. Some things just can't be replaced... and Mr. Fye is one of them.

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