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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wild Ride

The last several months have been far from normal and it has been a wild ride for sure! But it was a good ride... Last August when Brandon sat down with us and told us that he wanted to make our little girl his wife we were thrilled. Brandon had already won our hearts. If you know me you know I like lists and planning and decorating and in weddings general, but for my Rachel all that fun was taken up a several notches!! We didn't meet our original goal date for having everything finished, but by March 8 I had everything done that could be done. I had a family and friend shower for her on March 10 and so after that my refrigerator looked like this! As we completed a job we took the paper of the fridge so we could see our to do list become a ta-da! list.

Makenzi could hardly wait to try on her purple dress! Purple is her favorite color so the dress was a hit! Here she is with her very handsome Daddy. My Mom always says Rob is very distinguished looking. ;o)

Here's the Bride and Groom on the rehearsal night. That night and the wedding day deserve a post all of their own. The end result was that we got to witness this man make my baby girl a very happy woman.

They are so in love and it shows. I love that.

On Saturday we met Larry's family at Golden Corral. Not exactly my favorite place to eat... one member of my family wouldn't even go in the restaurant.. the baby was conveniently hungry at that time! This is Larry's Mom and her husband of all of 5 months! He told us last summer that his weight stays the same, but this time he says he has gained weight! He said he found out that if Ann knew he liked something he'd get lots of it. One summer she made Larry 15 reubarb pies because he mentioned he liked them... He finally had to tell her he'd had enough!

She likes to make her family happy!

This Larry's oldest sister, Debbie. Rachel gets her personality from her Aunt Debbie. She is a take charge kind of girl! No grass grows under their feet! Also, in the picture is Milton and Anna.

Crystal is the oldest of the Fye grandchildren. She came up from NC with her Mom. We missed Randy and Steven, but were happy that Deb and Crys came. Mr. Trenton has finally quit closing his eyes when we go to take a picture of him! His Mommy is going to have a baby brother or sister for him and Chloe in October.

In this picture are Curtis (Donna and Milton's oldest) Ryan, Trenton and Donna, Larry's younger sister.

After meeting at the restaurant we went back to the hotel where everyone stayed, since my house was soooooo not up for company! We played games by the pool...

and then later moved in to the breakfast room. We played Phase 10 for hours!!!!! It was so much fun... I love that game. The "kid's table" played Risk and Stock Market.... Fye Family Favorites! Stradegy games.

This picture is out of order but that night when we came back to the house I kicked off my shoes in the kitchen and Kenzi came in and said, "Look Mamaw, I put myshoes with yours!" That was after she ran in the house and said, "Mamaw! Mamaw! I have candy! For me and you!" She was so excited... and I loved it!

Trenton asked me to take a picture of him and Chloe. Aren't they cuties?

And he asked me to take a picture of him "in the hilarious hat!" He's a funny one!

And here's my sweet, sweet Maddison. Aren't baby yawns adorable?

At first I thought she looked just like Kristi's Mom, but she changed in the week she was here. I ended up seeing some of Rob in her and in one picture (my FB profile picture) she looks just like Rachel did as a newborn.

Whoever she looks like she is adorable!

Kenzi in her travelin' clothes... she wanted to help so she pulled this out to onto the porch and then down the stairs and right on out to the car. All by herself. She loves to help with whatever is going on. When Rob put the dishwasher in at Christmas she was right there watching every move!

Uncle Ryan getting in a last snuggle before they head out.

I love being a Mamaw!

Kisses and hugs from Kenzi! (Please don't focus on the mess in the house... but sadly, it still looks like a storage unit!)

Papaw drinking it in... I loved seeing this man hold our babies and now seeing him hold our grandbabies is just extra special.

In March our family grew by 2, we got to see Larry's family, we got to see my family. It was a good month.

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