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Friday, May 16, 2014


To the normal eye the post title doesn't make a bit of sense.  But to my kids it represents something they have heard most of their lives.... for as long as they have been going somewhere on their own, they have heard the words this mumbo jumbo represents as they walked out the door.

Remember Who You Are, What You Are, and Where You Come From.

Remember Who You Are. 
You are a Fye. You represent our family. You have a responsibility to behave in a manner that will not bring reproach to our family name.

What You Are.
You are a Christian. You represent the Family of God. Your actions, reactions and attitudes need to pleasing to God.

Where You Come From.
You come from a family that loves you and will always be there for you.... we have your back.

I don't know if they ever thought about it after they walked out the door. I don't know if this little saying made any difference.  I do know other than a few full moons, ignored curfews, and the need to "collect" this, that and the other we have some pretty great kids. They are adults now and looking back, we, like every other parent of adults, have things we wish we would have done differently. But it does no good to look back with with any more than a brief thought about that. What I am getting at is, I am not trying to imply we did all things right. I am just so proud of my kids and how they have represented our family, their faith and attitudes, and I feel pretty certain they know they are loved.... not sure they know they depths of that love, though.

What really prompted this post is Facebook. 

The last couple of weeks the second "wya" of  rwya2wycf  has been challenged. Sometimes there are some things I want to post on my own wall or comment on another's post, that I type it out, then the thought "Does this please the Lord?" pops in my head and I hit the delete key.  Then, there are times as I am reading along I think, 'Really???'  People may not see what I have typed out or thought, but my Lord knows. And lately, my attitude toward some has not been what he would be pleased with. And today, the Lord said to me,

"Mari, remember who you are, what you are and where you come from."

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