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Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Week

We had a busy weekend. Friday night we hosted our Christian Couples Connection get-together. We had 16 adults and 5 kiddos. Our menu was a baked potato bar. We made the potatoes and chili and others brought toppings, drinks and desserts. It was just a time of fellowship, so we didn't have any games or devotions. We really enjoyed it and are ready to do it again! I must add here that with the neck problems I have been having it was up to Larry to do pert-near all of the cleaning to get ready for this! He did a great job! I told him I was ready to do it again so he could clean the house again!

Saturday I spent the day with a Bride. She asked me to do the flowers for her wedding. I am so thrilled she asked me... she was Rob's best friend until he got the one he calls his wife!! She is still a great friend! Another bridal talk got re-scheduled. I was exhausted but Larry, Rachel and I ended up going to Outback for a late supper. Oh, I love that place! The salad with tangy tomato dressing and extra croutons is just wonderful! The problem is that the salads are so small! If I do take away I usually order 2 salads and eat them both! Prime rib was in order also and I have to admit it was pretty tasty!

Sunday night we had Piano Praise at our church. We had about 20 pianists. We had 2 grand pianos on the platform and for a couple of arrangements there were 2 pianists at each piano! The last number was of the 2 pianos, the organ and 4 accordians! It was exciting!

But here we are in a new week... more dishes to be done, more laundry to do, more school work to grade.... oh, you know the story... you have one just like it! Providing we don't have plans on Sunday night I usually spent that time after church getting my list and schedule ready for the week ahead. It is something I enjoy doing. Doing things always go according to the plans made... nah... how boring would that be!!

I really need to talk to someone about the fun things one is able to be involved in when blogging. One thing I enjoy following is Meal Planning Monday hosted by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I love planning my menus and grocery list and I enjoy knowing what other people are feeding their families. So, until I talk to someone I think I will just post my menu... you know... for the fun of it! Here goes:

Monday- homemeade chicken strips, french fries and peaches

Tuesady- sirloin steak, shrimp scampi and broccoli

Wednesday- hamburger and mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday- bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese and fried green beans

Friday- parmesean crusted fish, fried potatoes and carrots

Saturday- homemade pizza

Sunday- roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and rolls

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