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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mamaw's Kenzi

Oh, my goodness! Makenzi is so much fun! We were thrilled when we heard they were coming, but we had no idea how much fun we would have with Makenzi! She has grown so much since we saw her in December. She talks so much more and she has such good manners! (Great job, Rob and Kristi!) She's just amazing!
My two favorite girls! Kenzi had so much fun with her Aunt Rachel! Rachel had to work a lot while they were here, but she made the most of her time with Kenzi. When we were alone Rachel would say "She's so silly!"
I'm thinkin' she might get it from her Aunt Rachel!

Sitin' on the countertop... nothing's changed... couldn't keep my kids off of them
and it looks like it has carried over to the next generation!

This picture is in here because, well, quite frankly, she looks like her Mamaw in this picture. =o)

Makenzi works out along with her Mommy. In these next two pictures she is demonstrating some moves.... This one is the squeeze! You should hear her doing it! So cute!

She's quite the little mover! She loves to dance! And she dances just like her Uncle Ryan did when he was little.
Yep, she's a fun, silly girl!

"I love this little person, and it is not a slight thing when she, who is so fresh from God, loves me"
-paraphrased from Charles Dickens, The Curiosity Shop

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