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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Bowl & More Kenzi Fun!

These first pictures are kinda mixed up... brain wasn't working to get them in the order I wanted!
For Super Bowl Sunday we had Jerry, Liz, Trenton and Chloe over. None of us are die hard fans, although we would have loved for the Colts to win!
Makenzi and Trenton loved playing with the kitchen set... they loved putting the babies down through the hole where the sink goes. They'd do that then they'd squeal with laughter! (I really need to get the kitchen set fixed!)
Kenzi enjoyed the food and the game with her Daddy!

The crew holding down the couch!

Chloe seemed interested in the game, too!

Jerry and Trenton staying close to the food!

I didn't do a lot of decorating for this. This is the first time we ever had a special menu for the Super Bowl. Like I said, we are not really game night party people! But on this night we had buffalo wings, cheese sticks, sausage rounds, dogs in a blanket, veggies and dip...

sausage and cheese dip, tortilla chips, salsa, popcorn, pickles, cookies and candy bites, buckeye bars, and Liz brought peanut butter cookies and savory cream cheese filled cresent rolls. It was a good food night!!

Makenzi loves her Papaw and I think he's kinda taken with her, too!
Makenzi and Mommy went out to play in the snow! She's making a snow angel here.

Check out that cute little red nose!

Eyes full of wonder.

She had a fun day in the snow!

Makenzi wanted to have her toes painted like Mamaw's! So Aunt Rachel painted them and then her own. She wanted her fingernails done like Aunt Rachel's but we decided it was best to just do toenails like Mamaw!

Nothin' like painting toenails for fun girl-time!

She loved the results, but I couldn't get her to hold still long enough to get a picture of them!

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