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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Necessities of Life

Ok, so maybe life could go on without these.  But I feel much better when I have these on hand.  

I have tried different brands.... I just can't feel like they do the best job disinfecting.

I realize they are expensive, and I have considered making my own.

But again, will they do the job I need them to do? 

When I am baking with my girls, I like it when I am cracking eggs and some gets on the counter
 that I don't have to spray bleach that can get in the food or on our clothes.  
I can easily wipe up the mess and we can go on with our fun.  

Again, in the kitchen with spot cleaning.  The Clorox name tells me that it will disinfect like bleach without the damage to our clothing or towels. It works great on stainless.

I keep a container in the bathroom as well.  Quick touch-ups that I can feel are more 
than just looking good, they are disinfecting! 

They get grabbed for spills on the floor, touch-ups in the van, thrift store purchases and many more things! 

Yeah, life could go on without them, but I just feel a little better with them.

Do you have a cleaning supply that you feel is a necessity in keeping your home clean?

(I am just sharing... this is not a paid endorsement.)

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